7 Steps to Spiritual Healing

A spiral staircase, taking us one step at a timeLet’s talk about Spiritual Healing and what that means to you?

It’s an interesting question to explore?

Let’s break it down into steps!

First step, is to identify, recognize and validate the concept that  you are a spiritual being!

Secondly, you acknowledge that you are a complete package made up of mind, body and soul.

Thirdly, that if you are seeking some form of Spiritual Healing it’s because you realize and accept that you cannot separate your physical health from your emotional, mental and spiritual state of wellbeing.

Fourth step, through your acknowledgement of this interconnection you understand that you have a physical, mental and emotional body. And a health problem (or as I like to think of it, as a health challenge) is really a reflection of your level of happiness (or lack of it).

Your health or lack of it, is actually a message of attention and warning from your higher self, your intuitive self, your divine guidance, your soul.

The disease, disharmony, anxiety, stress, depression, tension, disorder and chaos you are experiencing in your life is a message for you to look deeper.

For you to look deeper, and re-evaluate not only your physical requirements – such as diet, nutrition, supplementation through vitamins etc, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle habits (both healthy and un-healthy).

It is also an opportunity for you, to take it to the next step. Step 5, to closely examine your feelings, your emotions!

This is where it can become a very interesting time for you, an interesting step on the path or let’s say your spiritual journey!

Step 5 may be a deal breaker for you or an opportunity for healing!

After 25 years of working with many patients through Gawler Natural Therapy Centre, after seeing and treating you, the patient from a holistic point of view – mind, body and soul my observations and experience has conclusively shown me for healing to be complete and health to be restored, all areas – mind, body and soul require attention, balance, and harmony.

Otherwise the symptoms are only addressed, relief is obtained, recovery is short-lived, and not complete.

The health problem returns – whether in the same form or through some other health issue given enough time.

Somehow as a society, we, you, us accept this as the ‘norm’. Which is such a pity when we have so many other options available to us today!

As much as you may try to twist, turn, rebel, hide, fear, resist through stuborness, anger, un-forgiveness, guilt, justification or denial of your feelings, emotions and actions (or non-action) the story will remain the same.
Your comfort zone will not be very comfortable!

Step 6 is a much easier happier holistic solution in the long term.

This is where you can make a decision, through being honest with yourself and trusting the direction you feel is right for you.

This is where you can turn a distraction into a opportunity and create constructive holistic decisions, solutions and outcomes for your challenges!

Step 7 – Remember Miracles Happen Everyday!

If you would like assistance with your Spiritual Healing contact me now.

If you would like further assistance with your physical symptoms through a holistic approach, please read on!

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