A Christmas Message to Spirituality Empower You.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for getting together with family and friends.

Christmas a time to share with family and friendsYou can create great opportunities to catch up, exchange gifts.
Share the latest news, laughter, memories, festive food and drinks.

Or perhaps Christmas for you, may be a time that’s emotionally challenging or friction charged.

You may find catching up with family and friends difficult due to a whole host of reasons.

Old wounds and arguments that flare up after a few unkind remarks, inferences or drinks, are not uncommon.

Friction within families, long-term unresolved problems, emotions of jealousy, envy, guilt, resentment, fear, blame, judgements and critical attitudes, may surface.

For you this may be a very challenging time of the year.

You may be a part of the problem, or you may be on the sidelines looking on, watching the drama unfold.


You may not be directly involved!

However, you may require assistance through expanded conscious awareness, understanding, protection and healing in these areas.

By you having an expanded depth of wisdom through the spiritual lessons behind current and ongoing situations can be very healing and supportive in itself.

There are many different ways to tackle these types of scenarios.

The following are a few thoughts and practical tips for you to remember and work with on the day.

1. Don’t expect everything to be perfect. This can lead to disappointment, frustration and tension.

2. When you notice others getting upset, tense and struggling offer the gift of assistance, compassion, understanding and empathy!

3. Modify or reduce your alcohol intake. This will reduce the chances of being involved and caught up in arguments and dramas.

4. Create distractions by you taking action to diffuse the situation. Organise a game of cricket or whatever is appropriate for the children and adults alike to enjoy!

5. Invite  a friend, colleague or neighbour over to your celebration who you know will appreciate the invite. After all Christmas is all about sharing!

6. Remember whatever happens not to take things personally!

When you change your perspective it tends to have a ripple effect!

Trust your gut feeling, your divine guidance and spiritual nudges.
Give yourself an opportunity to improve a tense, perhaps delicate situation with new insights, information and skills.

Remember to let go of the outcome!
When you let go of the ‘how’ this will happen you open a field of possibilities!

When you take a step towards the Universe it takes ten steps towards you!

Whatever happens I wish you a wonderful, joyful, safe and fun filled Christmas.

Remember to call on the Universe, your guides and guardian angels to provide extra assistance, support, joy, love and safety.

I always ask Archangel Michael for assistance with protection and safety particularly on the roads!

For further insights and enlightenment I would encourage your to read my blog on Stepping out of your comfort zone.

For further assistance with your spiritual growth, attitudes, habits, wounds, healing and understanding contact me now!


Wishing you once again a beautiful, joyous, fun-filled Christmas celebration.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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