A Horsey story with an Intuitive Twist!

Horses and more horses!

Horses and more horses!

Intuition an opportunity, a link to your higher consciousness, Divine Guidance, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

This year, 2011 is a wonderful opportunity to connect to your intuition and inner guidance.

Each and every moment is a new opportunity waiting for you to connect, trust and act on your personal truth.

To expand your intuition, you need to give yourself permission to move away from your logic.

Our logic has a good way of squashing our intuition, our creativity, by justifying, denying or dismissing our intuitive thoughts as pure imagination or fantasy.

Spend time investing into your imagination
through meditation, walking, having a soak in the bath.Listen to your favourite music, do something creative, allowing yourself an opportunity to relax and enjoy some down time.

Buy some Angel cards and invest some time playing and getting a feel for them. Start working with your guides that way. Particularly if you find yourself having self-doubt, a lack of confidence as to your feelings, trust, faith, direction as to your inner-truth.

Still not sure? Ask your guides to further assist by giving or showing you through signs in your environment.

I will share a great example I experienced a few years ago, in 1992.

I had been attending a 3-day course in Queensland, called Mind-Tec.

The object of the course was to realize how powerful our minds are. That thoughts are things, vibrations that we put out there. Also to be aware of what we are creating, what we can create and sub-consciously how we are all inter-connected.

Well it was late on the afternoon of the 3rd day and the course was coming to a close. It was a wonderful life changing experience.

It was now afternoon teatime and I felt the need to go outside for a breath of fresh air.

Outside the wind was blowing a gale. I have never liked the wind and it was blowing full force into my face.

We where located next to a fenced paddock were a horse was being kept. I didn’t particularly like horses either, however I decided to face my fears and go over to the fence.

In my infinite wisdom I thought I would test out all that I had learnt over the past 3 days. So I invited the horse to come up to me, not too close mind you, but close enough to acknowledge and test the techniques of the power of the mind.

Ok I am set. Wind in my face, horse in the middle of the paddock. Facing a couple of fears at once.

So I proceeded to close my eyes and concentrate on asking the horse to come a little closer.

Being aware of the limited time, after a few seconds I opened my eyes to find the horse had responded but not in the direction I hoped, he had actually moved further away!

Ok, if at first you don’t succeed try again. This time I tried to relax a little more, be a little more patient and trusting and ask the horse to move more in my direction.

Guess what he had moved, still further away!

Then I started to doubt the past 3 days? Time was nearly up and I needed to go back inside.

Third time lucky I thought. Let’s try once again before giving up!

This time I just took a few deep breaths and again asked the horse to move closer to the fence  to were I was standing. Not too close, but close enough to confirm all that I had learnt and had been learning over the last 3 days was real.

And here was the surprise, the unexpected twist! This experience taught me a huge lesson.

In my total focus of asking the horse to come closer toward me, for final proof of thoughts are things and the Universe is always listening, replying one way or another.

With the wind in my face, next thing I know I heard a voice of a young girl next to me. Taking me totally by surprise I opened my eyes only to see the horse further away than before, dam!

However, turning to answer the girl who said ‘excuse me’ to my total amazement there she was sitting on a horse directly in my face!

She asked me if I knew where the local pony club was, as she was new in the area.

I wasn’t able to help her on that one, however there was the horse, plus a rider, enquiring about more horses.

The Universe and my guides were having a cosmic joke on me that’s for sure!

I was totally blown away, ecstatic. The Universe had delivered, but not for a minute had I expected or allowed for the request to be presented this way!

Releasing expectations and accepting what was delivered was just awesome!

Just shows what not giving up, a little faith, patience and trust can deliver.

I am sure you have had your own experiences that you can’t deny. Hopefully you haven’t just labelled them as mere coincidence.

For further assistance to opening to your intuitive feelings ring me.

By the way those 2 fears of the wind and horses disappeared after that day.

The only thing that fuelled the fear was the lack of knowledge, insight, education and wisdom of what I believed in.

I then gave it power and energy to thrive unproductively!

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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