Letter of Release

A very powerful and effective method, a ‘free tool’ to assist you with ‘releasing emotions’ which may allow you to ‘let go’ and  ‘spiritually grow’!

You will require:                                               

 Have fun!

Have fun!

A pen                                 


A drink

Preferably a quiet home

A comfortable chair

This is an opportunity to release pent-up emotions, negative thoughts and behaviours on all levels, without judgment or criticism from outside influences.

It is very important to follow the instructions closely for the best outcome.

The letter is not designed to be ‘kept, shared or sent’ to anybody!



It is an opportunity to let your thoughts flow intuitively, through giving yourself permission to ‘release’ and to allow your ‘healing’ to begin!

Firstly, address your ‘letter of release’ to the emotions, challenges, symptoms, diagnosis, life’s experience, anxiety, depression, person concerned (relative, neighbour, co-worker, friend etc.)

This letter has many applications and is only limited by your imagination!

Once you have transferred all your thoughts, emotions, pain, anger, guilt, rejection, grief, disappointment, dis-ease etc to paper, which in the big picture may take several letters of release, over a period of time. It is now time to finish with a positive statement or affirmation relative to your content!

I give myself, this where you sign your name (taking ownership of what is happening is a big forward step) plus remember to date it to make it official.

This gives you *permission to:

* heal  * let go of the past  * forgive yourself or another   * to let go of old patterns, habits, trappings etc.  * giving yourself approval to freely move forward!

Lets Celebrate

Lets Celebrate

Now comes the fun part, you either rip it into a thousand pieces and flush it down the toilet OR burn it in a safe place and put the ashes on the garden.

Release it to the UNIVERSE!

TRUST it has been taken care off.

 If you find you are reluctant at any stage of the process, this is when you need to ask yourself…………. WHY?

What is holding you back?

What emotions are still lingering, what resistance are you hanging onto?

Are you truly ready to let go, to release, to heal, to move forward with your life?

Need a little help to get started, by all means contact me for your personal consultation!

Remember when you take one step towards the Universe…

It will take ten steps towards you!

It is all about ‘choice and freewill’ and a ‘willingness to release’!

A ‘willingness to surrender’ and to ‘let go and let grow’!

*Opening to new growth*

Opening to new growth

Make 2014 the year you embrace change!

delivered with

Love and Light

Di Goulding

Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic,  Energy Healer

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