Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer and Psychic offering intuitive guidance to nurture your Mind, Body and Soul!


Stonehenge, England, 2007

Di at Stonehenge, England

About Di …..

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. 

A caring, mature, intuitive, spiritual, independent woman with a 25 year career in Natural Therapies.

Loves her work, study and travel.

Mystical ancient sites are top of the list. 


‘Inspired by Spirit’ was born out of  a desire to comfort the living with messages from Spirit providing validation, peace and healing!

From a young age Di recognised she had a strong intuitive mind, 6th sense and psychic ability.

Many decisions and directions in Di’s life have been as a result of her following and trusting her intuition. Added to a natural ability have been many continuing studies, workshops, excellent teachers and mentors along the way.

Di believes……………..

‘Many of us have simply forgotten that we are a Soul having a Human Experience’!

and we are all capable of hearing our inner voice, our connection to Source and to Spirit.

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