‘An Evening of Healing’ – Update


What a great response to my 1st Evening of Healing presented by Gawler Relaxation and Healing Haven, in Murray Street, Gawler.                                                              An Evening of Healing

Many thanks to Chris for her love, support, assistance and encouragement.

There was a group of 10 of us.

We had a great night of sharing personal insights, intuitive guidance, cocooned in love and laughter. The highlight being the messages channelled from ‘Spirit’.

Confirmations of loved ones who had passed and who made their presence felt through both personal messages, laughter and heart-felt tears.

Validation of their presence added an air of unconditional love that as much as these beautiful loved souls have departed this physical world, they are still a big part of lives and watching over us from ‘Spirit’. A big boost from Heaven warming both our Hearts and Souls!

Divine messages, relating to our everyday directions and choices we are taking were passed on. Information on Health and Healing provided assistance in discovering…

blocked emotions, fears, stuckness, and resistance to wholeness, wellbeing, health and happiness.

Opportunities were presented to assist further boosts in health and healing! The taking of inter-active responsibility in the forms of preventative measures, such as diet, exercise, medical and nutritional advisement were also relayed.

The driving force behind the evening was the channelled meditation of St. Therese of St. Lisieux, France (also known as Little Flower) particularly known in the area of physical healing and miraculous healings.

Overall there was fabulous feedback with 9 out 10 people having an immediate improvement in both physical pain and emotional discomfort, such as anxiety, stress etc.

Also provided by ‘Spirit’ an ongoing spiritual energy cocoon, visualization and prayer to continue with at home to assist with continued healing and maintenance aiming towards further healing and wholistic health.

The Universe provided a ‘Spiritual Formula’ or perhaps another terminology would be a ‘Spiritual Map’ personalized to each of the willing participants who attended the Evening of Healing to follow up with as they choose!

Through those who made the choice to attend they can now continue their journey of healing, enlightenment, health and well-being with greater ease, options and opportunities to explore. By implementing into action ‘Spirit’s guidance’ this will further assist in fulfilling one’s life’s journey, relationships, passion, dreams and goals with greater freedom through health and happiness.

If you would like to be apart of the next ‘Evening of Healing’ please contact me now, as numbers are limited!

For further information refer to my Testimonial page as to some of the comments received on the night.

Remember: ‘When you take one step towards the Universe it will take ten steps towards you’!

With Love and Light

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