An Interview with a Gawler Medium

The World of Spirit


Q.  What are the benefits of coming to see a Medium?

A. Firstly because of the nature of the work I provide.

I act as channel bridging a gap between this world and the next.

Q.  How do I know that you and the information is genuine?

A.   It doesn’t long to work out that the information is accurate and how it connects to you or your family.

For instance the soul who has passed may show a familiar scene.

Like a grandma baking cakes, or perhaps in the garden with their favourite plant. A partner who has passed may acknowledge a recent anniversary or birthday. Or they may talk about a holiday experience or a current family situation for example.

Sometimes they will show me what health problems they suffered with or died from!


Q.  What will I gain from this knowledge?

 A.  Peace of mind during this difficult time!

Comfort, support and understanding knowing that they are still with you, just on another energetic level now!


The comfort of knowing that your loved one is  free of pain physically and emotionally now


The freedom for you to have closure and acceptance. To be able to take a deep breath in your grieving process, relax and be reassured in the knowledge of knowing that they are safe!


Q.   Do I have to bring anything to the consult?


A.  It is not necessary however some people like to bring photograph or a piece of jewellery, something of a personal nature.


Q.  What messages do you find are channelled through in these consults?


A.  Ah the biggest is the fact of reassurance that this soul lives on and they wish for you to do the same.


They wish for you to have a good night sleep through peace of mind. The opportunity for you let go emotionally. The opportunity for you and your family to start the healing process and live your lives fully!


Remembering these beautiful souls come through in the vibration of ‘Love’.


Q. Is there anything else I should be aware of?


A.  The best piece of advice I can offer here is not to come in with a particular mind set. Such as the departed will talk about this or say that for example.


Each consult is different and once someone has moved on they seem to have a different priorities and outlook of what is important, which comes from a foundation of ‘Love’


Q.  How long does a session take?


A.  An hour.


A wonderful experience and investment in time to gain peace of mind, serenity, harmony, understanding, acceptance, healing and love.


I must highlight these sessions often contain a lot of laughter besides as well as the possibility of a few tears.


At this stage I would recommend you to look at my Testimonial Page for further reassurance, insights and recommendations of my previous and existing clients who have been happy and ‘Inspired to Share’.

Looking forward to meeting and assisting you, your family and friends through a Medium session. These are amazing sessions and are treated with the utmost of respect and love.

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Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

delivered with

Love and Light

Di Goulding

Clairvoyant  Psychic

Medium    Energy Healer