Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael wears a suit of armour and holds a sword and a shield.    #12 Archangel Michael

This uniform symbolises and reflects his ability to provide protection, inner-strength to combat negativity such as stress, isolation, anger, anxiety, conflict, depression, disease and fear. Plus courage to stand our ground, heal and move forward.

Archangel Michael additionally knows the intimate details of your Divine life purpose, which we are all born with.

His name actually means ‘He who is like God’.

In fact when you call upon him and ask for his assistance you are working with the right hand of the Creator, God, Grace, the Universe, Great Mystery, Higher Wisdom.

When you call upon him he will be there because he has the ability to be unlimited!

He can be with everyone simultaneously and he can be there to assist you when require that extra help, protection, strength, guidance, wisdom and love.

You only have to ask!

Because we have freewill and choice you do have to ask for his assistance. And he will be more than happy to assist and work with you as a team either through direct intervention and of course through your intuition.

He does need your permission!

If you need further assistance with pending challenges, problems, guidance, connecting to your intuition, your guardian angels contact me now.

I have had first hand experience with connecting to Archangel Michael on different occasions and I am eternally grateful for that heavenly intervention, protection and guidance.

I also find he continually shows up in my consults. Offering assistance to clients needing that connection and conviction to work with his outstanding mastery of inner strengths, protection, wisdom and guidance as required.

If at this juncture in your life is what you require? Then please trust your intuition, your instincts and call on Archangel Michael for assistance.

If you need to take it a step further for greater insights, spiritual healing and counselling please

Contact me now for your spiritual consult, psychic reading, intuitive insights and angelic connections

Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

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Di Goulding

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