Are You Holding onto Past Emotional Hurts?

An old record player, playing the same old message over and over!Do you think about the past frequently?

It is not uncommon!

However, are these experiences and thoughts keeping you stuck?

Stuck in fear, guilt, resentment, judgement and worry can be very damaging.

Damaging  to you emotionally, and physically.

These continual thought patterns can fester into problems of  depression, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, low energy reserves, poor eating habits and immune system problems, just to name a few. Creating and fuelling added stress and tension to your life and the lives of your families and friends.

Are you investing way too much time into old negative patterns of the past?

Are you being held down or back from enjoying life?

Because you have planted one foot firmly in the quagmire of past emotions, making it impossible to move forward!

So are you prepared to let the past go?
Or do you wish to be a slave to it, addicted to it, playing it over and over in your head

The past is only useful for what it has taught you, it’s your History.

If you have not learned from the experience you may need to repeat the lesson, perhaps many times over!

Your happiness and your health may well be being blocked and suffering by problems, challenges and sadness from the past.

When you realize the ‘you’ who had those experiences is not the ‘you’ of today.

If you are wise, you will allow the past to be just that – the past!

You will gain nothing by playing it over and over in your head like a broken record!

So if you need assistance with blocked energy and suffering from past mistakes, sadness and regrets – call me now for assistance with your spiritual healing.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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