Bath of Love and Nurturing

Take some time outCard No.: 27 ‘Time Out’

A follow-up to my blog,  An Expression of Freedom through Illness.

When was the last time you invested into you thru ‘time out’?

Had a bubble bath or a soak in the bath infused with bath crystals?

Have you underestimated how important this gift of time is for your body, your sacred temple?

Time to unwind, relax, rest, release emotions and rejuvenate your physical body. To get in touch with your intuition and release stress.

Time to nurture your emotions thru reading a book or meditating and listening to your guidance and souls whispers…… sounds tempting!

A wonderful opportunity to dream, connect to your spirit guides, guardian angels, goals, dreams and aspirations.

Remembering the element of water on a spiritual level relates to emotions.  An opportunity to go with the flow and go deeper emotionally!

You may find that connection for you is perhaps thru a dip in the pool or to go for a swim in the sea. Whatever speaks to you that nourishes and replenishes your heart and soul.

Time out to re-connect with your thoughts, nurture your body and adjust your emotional compass thru just making time for you!

So soak away your troubles in a bath of love and nurturing.

No not quite enough to completely understand, accept, forgive and let go?

Then contact me now for a consult and have a second bath a bit later in comfort with a clearer mind and a focused direction through an intuitive counselling session providing guidance , education, wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual healing.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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