Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels

There is a wonderful sense of  awe and achievement through connecting to your Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels.

I love that moment my clients engage with their Divine Angelic Spiritual Guides. From that point forward you can strengthen your Universal ties by communicating directly to your own wise, loving, compassionate and inspirational being.

They are always there ready and waiting for you to initiate that connection with Heaven Sent Messages for you.

If you wish to connect to your Spiritual Guides contact me now.


There are a group of angels called Archangels.

Archangel Michael There work is to oversee groups of Angels.
To work with humanity.
I constantly work with Archangel Michael intuitively. He has rescued me on more than one occasion! You just have to ask!

Archangel Michael
– The Archangel of courage, strength, truth and integrity. The Archangel who will be with you in an instant to assist you with any issue of safety and protection.

You just have to ask!

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Action is the Key to Intuitive Guidance!

The more you take action and go with the flow, the more spiritual information and guidance you will receive in your life!

Listen,Trust and Believe in your Instincts, your Intuition, your Spiritual and Angelic Guidance!  

Action is the Key!

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#9 More than Coffee – Update

More than Coffee…..                                                           #9 More than Coffee

a wonderful morning with beautiful woman, like minded Souls evolving, growing, journeying, and sharing their wisdom, life experiences.

More than Coffee provides a safe spiritual haven, supported by Angelic messages validating, reassuring and supporting future directions and releasing blocks that may be inhabiting health, happiness and opening to love and healing!

Julie’s ‘Comments of Gratitude’

…….’Thank you very much for your words….it’s great to now have that understanding*

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Invitation to ‘More than Coffee’ #9

You are invited to a morning of 2 hours of Clairvoyant, Angelic, Psychic and Spiritual Guidance, fun, coffee and heavenly nibbles.                                         images (1)

When: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month – next session Tuesday the 20th of January, 2015

Where: Gawler Relaxation and Healing Haven – Shop 6, 40 Murray Street, Gawler

Time: 10.15am for a 10.30am start.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $50.00

Book now *seating is limited*

Come along, perhaps bring a friend and join me. Have fun and relax, meet some new friends, receive spiritual insights and guidance to assist you with your spiritual journey in 2015.

Hope to see you soon in 2015.

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Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer, Medium and Intuitive Counsellor


tel: 85230559

‘More than Coffee and Inspired by Spirit’ Gift Certificates available now!

On Sale Now for Xmas!                                                                                                                

images (1)$50.00

Great Value for  2 hours of

*  Spiritual guidance and Intuitive Insights

*  Clairvoyance and Psychic Readings

*  Plus Coffee and Heavenly Nibbles

*  Group Bookings available

Where: Gawler Relaxation and Healing Haven

Shop 6/40 Murray Street, Gawler

or perhaps you would prefer to have a private consultation with me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               images-7

On Sale Now for Xmas!

$90.00 for a personal appointment

*Also available as a Gift Certificate for Xmas

including a Mystery Gift as a bonus Xmas Present to the value of $10.00….Great Value!

Contact me on Facebook on my ‘More than Coffee’ page or ‘Ínspired by Spirit’ page to order your certificate or to register your interest!

Or at 85230559


Remember: When you take a step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you!


 Merry Xmas Everyone!

#8 ‘More Than Coffee’

My last ‘More than Coffee’ session was last Tuesday the 18th of November, 2014 for the year!

This meeting was held at Gawler Relaxation and Healing Haven, in Murray Street, Gawler.

We 6 ladies had a truly inspiration, angelic, clairvoyant morning.

This was my last ‘More than Coffee’ for the year.                                                      #8 More than Coffee

It has been a busy year with 8 meetings all up.

Tuesday was a great reminder to me why I started these meetings.

An opportunity to connect like-minded people who are spiritually aware and looking to expand and open up to their psychic insights, spiritual messages from loved-ones who have passed, intuition, spirit guides and guardian angels.

It never ceases to amaze me that the people who come together on the day, are so connected on so many levels and go on to keep those connections open through Facebook and coffee catch-ups etc.

So if you would like to join me next year on January the 20th, 2015 please watch this blog and register your interest on Facebook at ‘More than Coffee’ or at ‘Inspired by Spirit’.

And of course you can contact me direct on 85230559 or

Remember: When you take one step towards to the Universe, the Universe will take 10 steps towards you!

Just a gentle reminder from your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides to ‘listen’ and ‘take action’ where prompted.’ Continue reading

Spiritual Travellers Return Home

Touching base after my hubby Len and I return from our

travels throughout the West Coast of America.               Di and Len Grand Canyon Oct 14

The Grand Canyon one of my favourite places in the USA.

I looked forward to this part of the trip more than any other destinations.

I was not disappointed, the grand majestic landscape and the spiritual grandeur was all embracing.

There was definitely a warm welcome from the American Indian Spiritual realm visually and emotionally!

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I Believe in Angels…………Do You?

Every-one has a Guardian Angel!

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

This month I have been encouraged to talk about Angels!

Here’s one of my angelic life’s experiences!

I have been very fortunate in my life to have experienced Angels first hand. Once many years ago, I entered a Church in the Barossa Valley. I must first explain that at the time the Church was closed. However ‘Out of the Blue’, the Universe ‘sent a lady’ who said she was the cleaner. And the next thing I knew she opened the doors and invited me in? I entered the Church, sat in the front pew and started praying for my friend who had been recently physically attacked by another person.

I knew from a Clairvoyant, Intuitive point of view this was what was the best course of action, and that was why I was there! Continue reading

More than Coffee – No. 4 – *May Update*

Great Morning with 5 participants.

More than Coffee – 4

Five ladies enjoying each others company, sharing spiritual insights, direction, heavenly nibbles and beverages supplied by Conversations Cafe, in Murray Street, Gawler. A big Thank you to Mignon and staff.

Being ‘Inspired by Spirit’ ‘More than Coffee’ is about ‘life, new directions, greater possibilities, opening up to intuition, clairvoyance, angels, mediumship, covering areas of career, family, relationships, lifestyles and healing’.

Woohoo! Lots of fun, laughter, spiritual insights…..

so much happening! Spirit providing messages of love, wisdom, encouragement, support and healing! Continue reading