Creating Transformation in your Life!


A Time to ReflectLetter of Release is an opportunity to create ‘Transformation in your Life’!

For many years now I have encouraged my clients and patients to invest a few minutes of their time, your time, into doing a Letter of Release.

I hear you say what is a Letter of Release?

Basically, it is a Letter you write, to whatever in your life you need to ultimately release and transform.

Perhaps lets say it’s your health?


You may write to the illness or disease that may be running your life, about how you really ‘feel’ and what may be driving this illness on an emotional, spiritual level?

Or for you, it maybe a habit, a pattern or an addictive behaviour.

It may be a partner, relative, neighbour or an organization, you have had a difficult time with!

This may be a time to discover why you have attracted this experience into your life?

Ask yourself what am I learning from this situation?

This is not a letter designed to send or share with anybody else!

It is a letter designed to transfer your thoughts, feelings and emotions attached with whatever is going on onto the paper.

You will be amazed by the shift in consciousness and awareness that this simple method will provide, not only on a personal level, but also to the perhaps the person you have directed this too!

You will find, you will feel so much lighter from doing this simple but powerful technique.

Depending on your circumstances you may need to do this process a few times, before you feel lighter, happier and the freedom from the situation.

It can be like peeling an onion, some challenges have many layers!

It takes a little time, discipline and inner authority to create the necessary changes in your life, which ultimately allows you to empower yourself through  transformation.

I would further suggest you ‘let go’ of knowing or having all the answers related to the said challenge or problem.

Start by sitting quietly down on your own in a stress free environment (no phone or TV etc.) Perhaps make yourself a cuppa, light a white candle.

The candle represents hope, peace and transformation. Take pen and paper and start writing! Address your letter to said health issue, emotion, fear, worry, person etc.

Allow yourself to release any related anger, grief, depression, bitterness, worry, fear, criticism, guilt, resentment etc. Don’t hold back, this is the time to be honest with yourself and your feelings, it’s a wonderful time to let go and release.

I always encourage the writer, you, to finish your Letter of Release on a positive note.

An affirmation

such as ‘I now forgive ………….’ or alternatively ‘I now release this matter to the Universe’ or perhaps ‘I, ……….(this is where you pop your name in this space) give myself permission to heal and enjoy vibrant, energetic health’! ‘I now allow others to support and love me’!

Now you sign and date your ‘Letter of Release’ it shows the Universe you are serious!

Now, and I mean ‘immediately’ you need to rip the ‘Letter of Release’ up into a thousand pieces.

After all it is all about ‘Release’!

My preferred method is to burn it! Although you could flush it down the toilet or bury it!

If you decide to burn it, create a safe environment to destroy your letter.

By burning your illusions, your blocks, your fears etc it is wonderful cleansing and clearing opportunity.

An opportunity to sacrifice and release old habits, worries, concerns.

An opportunity to renew your direction and desired intentions!

An opportunity to lighten the load!

Remember it’s free, and all it will cost you is little bit of your time!

Enjoy the process and the transformation that will ultimately follow, when you allow yourself to release, trust, have faith in the process, and in the Universe, your intuition and your guides, your guardian angels.

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