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Health depends on being in harmony with our soul’                                                                   

Dr. Edward Bach

After a consultation whether it be an Intuitive Counselling session, Mediumship consult or a Clairvoyant Spiritual Healing appointment  I regularly prescribe personalised healing remedies to my clients when further assistance and support is required.Walnut Remedy assists with Change

Over 25 years I have continually and successfully prescribed Dr. Edward Bach’s Flower Remedies with wonderful results for many of my patients and clients.

Many people are familiar with and have used Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedies drops for anxiety and stress, Sleep Sprays and Rescue Remedy creams. These remedies are sold in large volumes in Health Food Stores.

Dr. Bach’s  system consists of 38 Flower Remedies. Each remedy aids with specific emotions and personal combinations are tailored to your individual feelings, emotions, circumstances and requirements.

Emotions such as uncertainty, fear, loneliness, despondency, despair, guilt, sudden change of life circumstances and grief can be  very stressful, overwhelming and can impact on your physical and emotional health and subsequent lifestyle.

Treat the Cause

Not just the symptom

A common benefit of the Bach drops  are  when ‘change’ is forced upon us, whether it be major as the death of a loved one or perhaps being made redundant, changing schools or moving house are good examples of life’s stressful challenges.

In these cases I use the remedy Walnut (in combination with the other appropriate remedies required)  as it is great for assisting with change, transition and  providing a feeling of  protection and security.

Pine is another wonderful remedy for many of us carrying ‘guilt’ and ‘self blame’, it assists with ‘release and self-forgiveness’.

I have repeatedly found with my clients once we have discovered the cause of the problem. The Bach drops assist with cementing and releasing both old and current emotional blocks that may be creating barriers to wellness, happiness and living in the now.

I believe Dr. Bach who discovered the Original Bach Flower Remedies in England in the early 1930’s was well ahead of his time.

He recognized that our mental state played a vital role in our physical well-being and our ability to recover from illness and injury.

Recent research show links between your emotions and your immune system. This research supports the view that emotional and physical health are linked.
More and more medical experts now agree that a healthy mind really does support a healthy body.

Bach Flower Remedies are safe, simple, user-friendly, and a constructive method of dealing with emotional imbalances, negative  behavioural patterns, and stress connected to our everyday busy lives and lifestyles.

The Bach Flower Remedies work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Bach Flower Remedies can help you take control of the way you feel and improve the quality of your life.

By using specific tailored combinations of the remedies, I have found negative states continually improve, become manageable and in time turn into positive states creating greater happiness, wellness and  fulfilled lives’.

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