Pricing & FAQ’s

Q.  How much do you charge?

A. $90.00 an hour.

However, if you choose to go over the hour then I charge accordingly!

Included in that fee are lots of colourful notes, I find a lot of clients value these notes! 


Q.  What if I wish to come with a friend or a relative?

A. $110.00 an hour.


Q.  How long are your sessions?                                                            clock

A.  One hour.

However, if you choose to go over the hour then I charge accordingly!


Q.  What types of payment do you accept?

A.  I prefer cash, however credit card or bank transfer is also available.


Q. What is a Medium?

A.  One description of a Medium is a person who is able to connect and communicate with Spirit.


Q. Do you work with tarot cards?                                                 Angel Tarot Cards

A. Yes, among many other sacred and inspirational packs providing insights to healing, life’s purpose and divine guidance!





Q.  What days do you work?                                                                   ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

A.   Monday to Friday.


Q.  What are your opening hours?

A.  10.15am to 5pm


Q.  Do you work in the evenings?

A.  Sometimes depending on the needs of my clients.


Q.  Do you do home visits?                                                 Skype                                                                                                                                                                    

A.  No. However Skype consultations are available.


Q.  Do you do telephone consultations?

A.  Yes!


Q.  Can I record the session?                                                                       

A.   Yes! 

Or I can record the session and burn it to a CD for $20.00 while you wait!


Q.  Do I need to bring anything?

A.  No!

However some clients like to bring a photo, perhaps a piece of jewellery or something  personal to the person they may be enquiring about!


Q.  Where do you consult from?                                   

A.  I work from my home based office in Gawler East.


‘Testimonial from Vanessa’   

Had the most amazing afternoon today with Dianne Goulding of Inspired by Spirit….her reading blew me away…..very aligned, accurate, interesting, exciting and powerful….also highlighted some more work to be done.

Thanks Di, it was so good and worth the wait to get there 🙂


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