A Goal without a plan, is called a Wish

You may have plenty of ‘wishes’ or desires. How serious are you about achieving them?

A Shooting Star

A Shooting Star

You would not build a house or a building without a plan. You would not try to steer a boat without a rudder?

That’s certainly a good way to keep yourself distracted by wasting a lot of time, energy, only adding confusion and drama to your life. That will keep you busy going around in circles or stuck in the same old space for quite some time.

When was the last time you reviewed your Goals?

If you are saying ‘what goals’! Then I challenge you to ‘step out of your comfort zone’ and write down, yes write down 5 goals. Why 5 – the number 5 represents the vibration of ‘change’.

That’s a good vibration to start with to pull your-self out of a rut, old habits, patterns and negative attitudes.

By writing them down this will assist you to focus, giving your life direction, opportunities to move forward and achieve.

This simple exercise will help you create balance in your life.

Committing your goals to a special journal, shows you are serious and gives you a plan, otherwise our minds tend to become monkey minds jumping around from A to B to Z and back.

My journal is dedicated to various areas of my life, personal, career, travel, home, education and self-development, finances, abundance, relationships etc and not necessarily in that order.

I am in the process of writing affirmations to accompany each section.

My front page starts of with my name, the date and my affirmation, which is My Life, is a Work of Art.

Be creative, imaginative and inventive. Have fun, enjoy the process, you will be amazed what you come up with when you allow your feelings, passion, desires, wishes, imagination and intuition to have an opportunity to stretch out of your comfort zone.

Let it evolve over time, check your goals on a regular basis, be flexible, change them as your needs change. Add to your list of goals, as if you were constructing, designing and or renovating a home, your own personal space.

Be sure to acknowledge your goals once you have achieved them.

But most of all have fun, stretch your imagination through your creativity and imagination.

Enjoy the process and remember when you take a step towards the Universe, it takes 10 steps towards you.

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Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

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