Today is the Day to make those Changes!


Red Rose from the Heart

Good Morning

How will your life change or improve for the better today?

Each day is another opportunity to grow and mature on an emotional, feeling and spiritual level!

Have you viewed your world, your life from that perspective before?

Today is the day to become more assertive, confident, raise your self-respect and self-esteem levels if you choose!

Yes today, is the day to:-

Improve your health?

Increase your level of happiness, contentment and peace of mind?

How will you achieve this?

Perhaps you will join an assertiveness training group or perhaps you will buy a book on the subject, or re-read a book you have already on this subject?

Perhaps you will do some exercise, go for a walk, go to the gym, join a gym, do some meditation!

Perhaps you will start that diet, continue with that diet, that new lifestyle strategy and outlook?

Whatever, it is you wish to change or confront it takes courage and strength to be honest with yourself about how you really feel and what you really want!

It takes time, energy, determination, motivation, commitment and action to create those desires, to turn those wishes into a plan!

It might be as simple as picking up the phone, or hopping into the car and driving down the street to start moving forward!

Maybe it’s allowing your-self the time, by letting go of the distractions, judgements and excuses to allow your-self to be in touch with your real feelings!

You need to clearly communicate your needs and expectations to yourself first and then to others!

There are lots of people with many skills and talents to assist you along the way, where required!

Listen to your feelings, your intuition, your guidance!

If you don’t you will probably continue to stay exactly where you are and that’s ok if you are perfectly happy with your life and all the directions you are taking!

It really is up to you to decide how you will improve you life today?

If nothing else it may be you just smile more, that would be a wonderful start!

If you are finding that difficult, then I would suggest you need to find more to be grateful for in your life!

Secondly, if you are struggling then I would suggest today maybe the very day you give yourself an opportunity to forgive!

You not only grow, heal and release negative patterns and baggage through forgiveness, your health and general level of happiness and contentment will dramatically improve!

You will give yourself a wonderful free gift!

You will let go of toxic thoughts, about whatever the current situation, drama, relationship, or whatever has happened in the past, an opportunity to be release!

You give yourself the gift of freedom!

Are you prepared to give up fears, worries, anger, criticism, resentment, judgment and guilt in-exchange for your health, happiness, contentment and peace of mind?

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