How being grateful can empower your life

Through Daily Gratitude we learn to Appreciate and give ThanksAn Attitude to Gratitude Journal

Everyday, yes everyday,  if you truly wish to empower your life,  I strongly suggest you start acknowledging and giving thanks for your daily blessings!

A very easy exercise.

Requirements – one pen, one journal – make it something personal and special.

5 – 10 minutes of your time – a lot less time required when you master it! Suggestion – last thing at night, or first thing in the morning while you are still in bed.

Also required…..…… a positive attitude, a little bit of love and your ready!

Examples of daily ‘gratitude’ – ‘blessings’ – ‘appreciations’ are other words  all pertaining to the same thing-

I am grateful for –

my wonderful partner

my beautiful children

my working life

my weekly income

my health

my loving friends

my warm and cosy home

my thoughtful neighbours

my reliable car

the local newspaper delivery

good food

my  understanding co-workers

the car park that is always available as I need it!

the supermarket checkout lady who always smiles and asks me  about my day!

The list is endless if you let it be.

I encourage you to start with 1 – 5 things when you first start. Aiming for a goal of at least 10 things to be grateful in the day overall.

It doesn’t matter if you write the same things over and over again. The purpose of the exercise is to acknowledge, give thanks, stretch grow and expand your horizons.

Most of us are very quick to acknowledge a complaint, a  dis-appointment, a dis-approval, blame due to expectations or what’s in it for me attitude.

However, a little universal law called the ‘law of attraction’ simply states  whatever we focus on, give attention to in ours lives will be acknowledged. Through that acknowledgement we will create more of whatever we are giving our attention to!

If you are sitting there saying I have nothing or very little to be grateful for – you will be amazed how quickly things will turn around when you start this exercise and start projecting a different attitude – a positive attitude, the Universe will respond.

And guess what it will cost you nothing – just your attention and some time, dedicated to this life changing exercise!

Try it and see –

challenge yourself for one month – everyday – if you miss a day start again – start by being grateful for your health. If you are in a challenging situation or have a dis-ease state, acknowledge the parts of you that are well – for example

I am grateful for my vision – I can watch TV, read a book, drive, do my craft work etc.

I am grateful for my hearing – I can hear the birds, listen to music, I can hear my grand-children sing!

I am grateful for my legs – my dad always use to say ‘

I use to complain about having no shoes, until I met a man with no feet’ – a reality check!

There is much to be grateful for you just need to start looking around. And then START to acknowledge all the positives!

Have fun, enjoy, this process, enrich and empower your life!

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