I Believe in Angels…………Do You?

Every-one has a Guardian Angel!

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

This month I have been encouraged to talk about Angels!

Here’s one of my angelic life’s experiences!

I have been very fortunate in my life to have experienced Angels first hand. Once many years ago, I entered a Church in the Barossa Valley. I must first explain that at the time the Church was closed. However ‘Out of the Blue’, the Universe ‘sent a lady’ who said she was the cleaner. And the next thing I knew she opened the doors and invited me in? I entered the Church, sat in the front pew and started praying for my friend who had been recently physically attacked by another person.

I knew from a Clairvoyant, Intuitive point of view this was what was the best course of action, and that was why I was there! My friend was not only suffering from the physical and emotional wounds, and awaiting for surgery for their broken body.

They also had a 3-month waiting period to find out if they had been infected by a disease? A truly traumatic, daunting time mentally, emotionally and physically for any soul!

I remember feeling helpless at the time!

So as I found myself inside this Church in the Barossa Valley asking and praying that my friend and their family would be ok?!

That they get through this as smoothly as possible, that’s when an enormous Angel appeared!

Not saying a word however their very presence gave me the answer that everything was going to be ok!That Heaven was in charge, loving and supporting them and everyone involved!

That feeling of wonder, reassurance, amazement, love and support was truly overwhelming.

Even now it is hard too put into words and feelings this mystical and spiritual experience presented. It was not what I was expecting at all!!!! However, I am and will be forever grateful for this beautiful angelic miraculous experience I received. For the reassurance, and knowledge that the best positive outcome for my friend and their family was in the process.

There have been other occasions were Angels have made their appearances and presences felt in my life………….and I am very very grateful!  …..Stories for another time!

Today, through Inspired by Spirit I get to experience this Spiritual Realm daily through my consults with clients. Opportunities to now assist and connect clients to their Angels, so they can work closer with this Spiritual realm of wisdom, guidance, love and support for themselves in their everyday lives.

So if you would like to be connected Angelically, please contact me now!

Your Guides patiently await your connection!

I hope you will enjoy this youtube clip!

Angel Voices – I Have A Dream

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