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I Love Spirit

I Love Spirit

Spirit has a beautiful way of presenting channelled information to me during consults. Always delivered with compassion, understanding, guided insights, options, wrapped in love with a sprinkle of laughter!

I receive lots of visuals – a little like watching TV really! Known as Clairvoyance!

Spirit sharpens my intuitive senses through smells and tastes – e.g. cigarette smoke, the aroma of a rose or the taste of warm apple pie – YUM!

Including heightening my sense of feeling to the point of receiving physical aches and pains of the person who has passed. Known as Clairsentience!

And of course I hear ‘Spirit’.  Known as Clairaudience!

For many years I use to ‘hear’ the word ‘LISTEN’.

I must have been a very poor student because I heard that word ‘LISTEN’ a lot.

Thankfully, ‘Spirit’ has been very patient, kind and persistent in encouraging me!

I now think how frustrating that must have been for my enduring spirit guides!

Good thing the Universe is forgiving, supportive and loving!

And thankfully they never gave up!

So now in my consults, they have my full attention!

When ‘Spirit’ says for example this person has a horse connection and the client says ‘No’…………..… I now say ‘Spirit’ is indicating this information is relevant and an important validation of whatever is happening in their life!

Sometimes clients can be so deep into the emotion, grief, shock, frustration, guilt, confusion etc that they miss or dismiss relevant information.

And that’s OK because, usually people eventually will have that information confirmed at a later time by a friend, relative or a past memory which will surface.

For me it usually comes back through a phone-call, or a follow-up consult, perhaps a ‘chance’ meeting in the supermarket.

I’ll find people continually validating their channelled messages from ‘Spirit’ by saying…      ‘Di, do you remember when you said …………………!’

THANK YOU to those clients for their feedback and to my Spirit Guides for their guidance, patience and validation.

As a bonus, I am now able to record sessions to CD as a further option, which is a valuable asset for your future reflections.

I also have added Skype consults for convenience for those who are time poor or distance challenged, checkout my website.

Contact me now for your medium session, spiritual healing consult, psychic reading, intuitive insights and angelic connections.

Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

Make 2014 the year you embrace change!

delivered with

Love and Light

Di Goulding



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