Intuition, Clairvoyance, Psychic Abilities, 6th Sense

Horses and more horses!

are all links, connections and communication with the Universe, higher consciousness, Divine Guidance, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides!

Each and every moment is a new opportunity waiting for you to connect, trust and act on your personal truth and direction.

To expand your intuition, you need to give yourself permission to move away from your logic and your judgment.

Our logic, albeit essential, has a good way of squashing our intuition.

Justification and denial tend to dominate and dismiss our intuitive thoughts as pure imagination or fantasy. Judgment of self and others will only damage this journey to opening to intuition and further limitless opportunities.

Time invested into imagination through meditation, walking, soaking in the bath, being creative will provide dividends in nurturing and developing your intuition.

My suggestion is to buy a pack of Angel cards. Start talking to your guides, ask questions, and invest time into your intuitive energy.

My Experience:

In 1992 I attended a 3-day course in Queensland, called Mind-Tec.

The object of the course was to realize how powerful our minds were.

‘That thoughts are things’, vibrations that we put out there!

Thoughts that ultimately create our reality! Also how we are all inter-connected! About the Law of Attraction!

It was the last afternoon of the workshop and I felt the need to go outside for a breath of fresh air.

The venue was located next to a fenced paddock where a horse was being kept.

I didn’t particularly like horses, however I decided to face my fears and go over to the fence.

In my infinite wisdom I thought I would test out all that I had learnt over the past 3 days in the workshop……
So I invited the horse to come up to me, not too close, but close enough to acknowledge the Universal power of the mind.

Ok I am set!

Wind in my face, horse in the middle of the paddock not keen on either I faced a couple of fears at once. I closed my eyes and concentrated on asking the horse to move closer.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes to find the horse had responded but not in the direction I hoped, he had actually moved further away!

Ok, if at first you don’t succeed try again. I consciously relaxed a little more, focused on patience and asked again for the horse to move towards me.

No he moved even further away! Then I started to doubt the whole past 3 days?

By the way doubt has no room in the Journey of being Psychic either!

Time was nearly up and I needed to go back in.

Third time lucky I thought. Let’s try once more! A further deep breath and again I asked the horse to move closer to the fence.

Not too close but close enough to confirm all that I had learnt over the last 3 days was authentic.

And here was the surprise, the twist, and the experience that taught me a huge lesson!

In my total focus of asking the horse to move closer, proof that ‘thoughts are things’ and the Universe is always listening and always responds.

With the wind in my face, I then I heard a voice of a young girl. Taking me by total surprise I opened my eyes only to see the horse further away than before, dam!!!!!

However, I turned to answer the girl who had said ‘excuse me’. Totally amazed there she was sitting on a horse that was directly in my face!

You could have knocked me over with a feather!

She asked if I knew where the local pony club was as she was new to the area? I wasn’t able to help her, however there was the horse, plus a rider, enquiring about more horses!

I was totally blown away, ecstatic!

The Universe had totally delivered!

A cosmic joke? A big big lesson ‘not everything’ comes in the ‘logical package’ you expect!

I am sure you have had your own experiences that you can’t deny.

Hopefully you haven’t just labelled them as mere coincidences.

These psychic experiences are the Universal connections, are you listening, are you connecting?

For further assistance to opening and working with your clairvoyance, intuition, dreams, 6th sense and psychic abilities ring me now.

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Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

With Love and Light

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