Meditation a great way to reduce Stress

The key to meditation I find is consistency.

Whether you practice it for 5 minutes a day or an hour.

It is you practicing it on a daily basis is what is important!

Quietening your mind of the monkey chatter.

It is a matter of releasing all the distractions you put in the way, and that you then justify are more important than what you are currently focusing on!

Meditation can take on lots of different forms, you just have to find out what works for you?

It may be you enjoy watching the sunrise or the sunset!

It may be you soaking in a wonderful bubble bath allowing your mind just to relax while you listen to some soothing music with some lit candles in the background for ambience.

Meditation for you may be going for a walk in the cool of the evening or early in the morning!

May be you enjoy listening to a guided meditation on a CD.

You may just find closing your eyes, taking 3 to 4 deep breaths again in the morning for 5 minutes provides an opportunity to centre and balance your energies for the day!

Recently, I have started painting, and that to me has provided me with a new way of de-stressing. This allows me to be in touch with my creative and intuitive side. For me it is another form of meditation.

There are no hard and fast rules. You may just enjoy taking out some to have a quiet moment with a good cup of tea to work just as well for you!

I have attended meditation classes for years and have always used meditation in my workshops to calm, still and soothe the mind.

It’s free, it is totally refreshing, calming and has many health benefits. It adds value to your life on so many levels.

It does take a commitment on your part.

However, you will reap amazing rewards, for me it assists with keeping my channel of communication open with my intuition and the angel realm.

You too will find meditation will assist you if you persist with this simple practice!

Just be patient with yourself, don’t strain through pre-conceived ideas or expectations. Allow yourself to enjoy the process, develop and grow with the practice.

You will reap the benefits of slowing down excessive thinking, relaxing the body and calming the mind.

Give it try and have some fun!

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