My Life is a Work of Art!

The Angel of Love by Di GouldingIn the past few months, life has certainly been interesting.

Numerous changes including study, relationships, business, travel to Egypt and Jordan. Our first grandchild being born, a beautiful little boy named Charlie.

An art workshop based on opening an awakened heart.

That also opened a door to writing some poetry.

The floodgates have certainly opened, and some overdue changes being made and introduced. Life is very exciting!


The following is a poem to celebrate this Change

My Life is a Work of Art

Change is inevitable and by harnessing that energy

We can embrace the synergy

By celebrating life

The time and space is made right

Through wonder and curiosity

We open ourselves to new talents, skills and opportunities

I find

Study opens the mind

Travel is a necessity

Broadening horizons through appreciation, wonder and exercising leisurely

Loving friendships, and relationships change and grow

Just like the river that ebbs and flows

If we fight these changes

We can become strangers

We can cut off our love

Sent from Heaven above

However by keeping an open mind and heart

Offers many possibilities and is a great start

To transforming your life with beauty and grace

And shows  as joy, harmony and a smile upon your face

By saying thank you each day

We give ourselves the permission to see the positive way

Through all our growth and blessings,

And all our spiritual lessons

Our concerns and worries disappear like dust

When we have faith, belief and trust!


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