Naked Crabs

Come see what is possible!

Come see what is possible!

Happy 2014 everybody! Hope you all had a good Xmas.


We spent some wonderful time at Port Hughes with friends.


We walked along the jetty  and saw many people catching Crabs.


And as a result Spirit has been nudging me to share this story of life and wisdom.


Hoping that it will assist you in some way, as it has me! Enjoy!


 Naked Crabs

At the seashore, every pool and puddle left by the retreating tide seems to have a crab in it. Little ones scuttle sideways, squeezing under rocks, peering from a patch of seaweed, occasionally venturing out to nibble on unwary human toes. 

On the beach, shells of crabs’ lie washed up by waves. Some are from crabs that died. Others are simply discarded; a dwelling too small for it’s growing occupant. That’s how crabs grow bigger – when their shells get too tight, they split the shell open and they grow a new one. 

I’ve never talked with a crab. But I imagine the process of splitting open a shell must be painful. I’m sure that until they grow a new shell, their terribly defenceless and vulnerable. Because that’s how we humans feel when we crack open our shells.

Our shells aren’t visible, like crabs’. But they are there, just the same

– shells that form by years of habit, shells that protect us from other people, shells that are the roles we play as parents, or children, or bosses or employees.

Every now and then, we crack our shells open and emerge into a New World, quivering and defenceless.

Teenagers do it, as they become adults. No wonder they get crabby sometimes.

Adults do it as they learn to quit running their kids’ lives or when they get laid off at work. Or when a wife or husband dies and they have to start over again, alone. When an investment fails. When a dream disappears.

In all these traumas of life a shell is being broken. A new, vulnerable life is started.

Like a crab, the longer that shell has been growing around us, the harder it is to break open, to start again, the more painful the breaking becomes.

Some of our shells we have worn for generations. Our beliefs can be a shell handed down by ancestors. Some beliefs are worth keeping. Others may have become prisons – shells so encrusted with the barnacles of the past, so burdened with trailing weeds, so constricting, that we can no longer move when ‘Life’ calls. 

No one looks for painful experiences, in life or our beliefs. To avoid pain, we may prefer to stay locked into shells that no longer fit very well, rather than risk the vulnerability of cracking them open.

But when a crabs’ shell becomes too thick, too protective, too tough to crack open and start again, then the crab can’t grow anymore.

That’s when it dies……… And so do we!


How true!

Life is forever asking us to grow and change!

To transform and transition!

The only one constant in you can rely on in life, is the constant of change!

That is why we were born to experience change and grow spirituality!


Thank you ‘James Taylor – Author’ for your wonderful insight and parallel made to nature.


If you can relate to this story of transformation and are struggling to crack open a shell, releasing fear, or moving forward  contact me now for assistance.

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Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

Make 2014 the year you embrace change!

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