Our Overseas Trip

Hi the following photos are of sacred sites and places that my husband Len and I have been very fortunate to visit – Stonehenge, England in May 2007.

Travelling opens up the intuition, mind and the heart. The mysteries of the ancients, fascinating and mind-blowing – how, why and what were there beliefs that drove them forward?

 Stonehenge, England, 2007

This next photo is an ancient temple in Malta…. same trip –at Quarto, the Dolmen Resort where we were staying. The Resort was built around the temple in a horseshoe shape – just incredible.

Ancient temple at Quatro

This photo was taken at Taxien, in Malta – a farmer was digging up his land and he unearthed this temple.

Taxien, Malta

You guessed it, the Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Colleseum, Rome

Egypt October, 2009 – Pyramids at Giza Plateau

Di at the Pyramids

Ramses the 2nd statue at Memphis, Egypt

Di with Ramses in Egypt

Di and Len at Jerash City a magnificent Greco-Roman city in Jordan

Di and Len at Jerash, Jordan

The city of  Petra, Jordan – the Treasury (what marvels of engineering feats) and the Siq entering into the city

Petra the Red Rose city, Jordan the Siq, Petra, Jordan

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