Past Lives

Life is Eternal!

A Continuous Journey of Spiritual Growth!

One Life-time after another!

Di at the Pyramids

Di at the Pyramids Egypt

Have you ever experienced a feeling of dejavu?   

An eerie feeling or sensation of familiarity?  A strong feeling that you know this place, lived here before? Or perhaps you know this person, these people?  All the time being aware this is a first time visit or meeting, well in this life anyway!

Sometimes it’s the very experience you are having – that familiarity, that strong feeling of love, joy, sadness, regret or fear that surfaces for no obvious reason!

A reaction that you question …where did that feeling or thought come from?

You ask yourself what was that all about?

Do you have more questions than answers?

And in your heart of hearts you know there is a connection!

Your subconscious maybe connecting to a past life experience!

An old memory, tucked away in the archives of your mind, a previous life, likened to a  re-run of an old TV show!

A lifetime which may require further understanding, learning, resolution and/or healing.

Knowledge is Power!

And when you are ready to look at this rationally with feeling and ask the right questions you will receive the right answers!

red book

Through a past life session with me you will identify blocks, stress, negative patterns and I will assist you to release all those negative heavy aspects into the light. I will also assist you to retrieve and reintegrate all the positive aspects from that life back into now!

Through looking within and re-connecting to that time and addressing issues/concerns arising from fears, guilt, blocks or habits, negative patterns, past hurts, burdens, you will find truth, forgiveness, understanding and subsequent healing.

Past Life consults are a very valuable process for the progress of your spiritual growth, general well-being, health and happiness.

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