Release and Surrender!

Hands open to Release and SurrenderingWhat does that mean to you?

What are your honest answers?

Are you wrestling with power issues?

Do you take things personally?

Are you hanging onto guilt, resentment, un-forgiveness, criticism and fear?

Are you loosing sleep over work, family or any other situations?

Are you in harmonious relationships?

Are you in the midst of constant drama or turmoil?

Do you have financial worries?

Are you eating right?

Are you exercising?

Are you battling with health issues?

Are you struggling with addictions and allergies?

Are you on medications to dull and disguise your anxiety, depression and pain?

Are you passionate about your work, your employment?

Are you enjoying life?

Are you, continually believing it will be better when?

Do you deny, disguise or justify your responses with any of the above?

Do you justify your answers with its their fault, the governments, the neighbours, a family member, my parents or it’s just not fair?

Are you the constant victim?

Some hard wake up questions, perhaps?

Are you open to change?

Are you ready for change?

Do you recognize the need for change?

Do you put your feelings on hold?

Do you put change on hold until your forced to take action?

–         you are diagnosed with a dis-ease state?

–         told you require surgery?

–         told you’ll require certain medication for the rest of your life?

–         told you require an exercise program (perhaps, before the surgery)?

–         recommended to take a class in meditation to relieve your stress?

–         a change in diet and lifestyle etc?

–         a career change?

How much responsibility do you take for whatever is going on in your life at present?

–         10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 100% ?????

How accountable are you in these situations, these experiences?

Do you believe you are the innocent victim caught up in out of control experiences?

Do you believe or recognize that you have attracted these situations into your life for a purpose?

Have you considered you are having these experiences for some spiritual reason?  For some higher purpose – learning and spiritual growth and development?

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Can you live without your anxiety and or depression, your pain?

Does your life revolve around these afflictions?

What would you do with your life if your health improved?

What would you become?

What would you do with your spare time if you were not caught up in your own or others dramas?

How would you invest your time into your life if you were free of let’s say anxiety or depression?

How would or could your life change?

It’s all food for thought?

There are lots of questions, lots more than have been asked here?

If you can identify with these or any other areas that require assistance, ask yourself what are you actively doing to change things?

Ask yourself am I actively involved in making the appropriate changes?

Am I just hand-balling it to someone else trying to get them to fix the problem?

How serious are you about taking steps and making necessary changes to support a new lifestyle, a fresh start?

How happy are you?

What are you sensing intuitively?

Are you listening?

Are you prepared to support yourself with new understanding and nurturing?

Do you wish to create a happier, healthier more balanced and contented life?

Are you prepared to Release and Surrender and make the appropriate changes that will assist you?

Addressing and making changes to:

–         the diet?

–         addictions, patterns and habits?

–         dramas and the negative attitudes?

–         your career and relationships where appropriate?

–         decreasing your workload?

–         stress levels by let’s say joining a yoga, art or meditation class for example?

–         by learning to say ‘no’

–         daily routines by going for a walk, a breath of fresh air, some relaxation and some stress relief?

–         assisting others by becoming a volunteer?

–         sleep patterns by turning the TV or computer off and going to bed earlier?

Still having problems,  contact me now for an Intuitive Counselling session and you will be surprised at what blocks you can Release and Surrender when you are ready to shift gears consciously and become spirituality aware!

By you introducing some simple, easy, gentle strategies and a new level of conscious. Awareness grows and blooms,  providing greater choices and freedom to make changes, release negative emotions and burdens where appropriate!


Each day is a gift to explore.

Contact me now for your spiritual consult, psychic reading, intuitive insights and angelic connections

Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

delivered with

Love and Light

Di Goulding




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