Rock Island

Card No.: 26 Rock Island                                                                                      

Rock Island

Rock Island                                                                                  

A follow-up to my blog,  An Expression of Freedom through Illness.

This card represents and speaks to me intuitively on and from so many different levels through this channelled piece of art.

The following list are some of those possibilities……

  • No man is an island.
  • Time to take shelter and weather the storm.
  • To learn from and benefit from someone else’s strength, wisdom, support or friendship.
  • To be prepared and determined in your challenges, goals and aspirations.
  • To be rock solid in your commitment.
  • To stop hiding and to be become visible, to stand in your own power.
  • Maybe the rock represents hardship, depression, clutter or an obstacle that is keeping you stuck!
  • The 3 birds in the sky indicate getting in touch with your feelings. To listen those thoughts, feelings and messages coming your way.
  • The birds also indicate that the storm is nearly over and are starting to return to their home. Things are starting to settle.
  • The waves indicate a rough time emotionally, however in that turmoil a strength and a clearing is being made possible.
  • Ask yourself what do you see a rock or a mountain? If you see a mountain maybe life is a little overwhelming at present?
  • What have you been ignoring in your life that has grown from a mound-hill into a mountain?
  • Are you seeing the whole picture or just part of the picture?
  • The rock may reflect a heart that is hardening? A lack of love.
  • Or perhaps the rock may represent unresolved grief and lack of closure of a loved one.
  • The greenery in this art represents to me health, healing and new growth – hope!

Love to hear your comments, your interpretations!

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