Sometimes Heaven can’t Wait!

Divine Timing - Angel WingsWhat to expect when you attend an appointment with Di Goulding.

Initially, I will tap into your energies from the time you initially contact me!

 Your spirit guides, guardian angels and mine are very enthusiastic and motivated to start the moment that first contact is made.

Sometimes, they have been waiting for this opportunity of Divine timing for sometime!

They can be very keen to pass on messages of love, comfort, forgiveness, validation and healing to assist with your life’s journey.

I on the other hand have an itinerary I like to follow, however, sometimes my itinerary has to be, flexible to suit the occasion.

Guidance is always silently directing you in the right direction, if you take the time to ‘listen’.

My next step is to ask you, what is your ‘intent’ is for the session?

With this in mind it is a good idea to give this some thought before you come.

Just a word of warning though Guidance always knows why you are coming, so this is your opportunity to be flexible, and release your expectations.

What is it you are wishing to further understand, confirm, heal, release, forgive, know…through attending, listening and allowing yourself to be open to your guidance, your intuition, your guardian angels, your spirit guides, your heart will point you in the right direction.

It never ceases to amaze me how healing, comforting and even entertaining through some laughter, a session with your guides can be!

Step three, if spirit allows, (I say with tongue in cheek) is to talk a little about what you believe?

What you believe re the bigger picture of life, the Great Mystery of why you are here on this planet?

This is also an opportunity to share with you, my nutshell version of my views. This is where I include some numerology in relation to your birth-date and your life’s journey.

Numerology is a valuable tool that provides greater awareness and confirmation of your ‘divine direction’ in this world.

By sharing our views, it helps to assist both of us to know where each of us are coming from.

I am not here to convert or change your opinions, beliefs or views, however hopefully I will provide some food for thought, possibly some further spiritual education and awareness, and further ‘clarity’ if and as required.

Sometimes these conversations are just a confirmation of what you already know, believe and feel!

Step four, is to get down to the business at hand by passing on those beautiful gems of intuitive  guidance, messages from your guides, angels and loved ones.

On so many occasions you have already had insights, signs, persistent thoughts, knowledge, dreams, feelings of what you are seeking to know and validate.

However, because you have doubted, perhaps are grieving, living in fear or with guilt, judgement, resentment, or perhaps you have doubted yourself, mistrusted or dismissed your insights, as mere coincidence or perhaps being pure irony, at the time you may feel as if spirit has ignored, forgotten you or doesn’t exist!

You may have then missed opportunities, continued un-healthy relationships, taken a wrong turn, not taken notice of persistent health problems, because you didn’t  ‘listen’ ‘trust’ or ‘believe’ those ‘thoughts’ and acknowledge those signs.

How many times have you said if I could just turn the clock back or in hindsight, I would have done things very differently!

Always remember, the good news is our Guardian Angels never abandon you, they are always here supporting, comforting, loving, protecting and ‘guiding you’ when ‘you’ allow them to work with you!

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Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

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