……… ‘Sssh It’s a Secret’

Did you know you are a ‘Soul’ having a ‘Human Experience’?

Have you ever considered your time here on Earth as an opportunity to grow and advance as a ‘Soul’?

Earth School

Earth School

Think of Earth as a school, a University and you are enrolled in a course called ‘Life’? ‘Life’ being opportunity to grow through spiritual challenges and  physical experiences! ‘Earth’ provides the classroom on a worldwide stage through many different backgrounds, cultures, opportunities and diversities.

In this Course named ‘Life’ you start off in kindergarten! And as you progress you learn, grow and evolve through spiritual awareness, personal challenges and education. And eventually you advance to University.

However, just like me if you are reading this blog you are still studying and learning in this course called ‘Life’ that you are enrolled in!

And University may be just around the corner or it may be  many lifetimes away! 

Once accepted this ‘Universal Truth’ for many people provides a feeling of peace, calm, relief, understanding, a stronger connection with others and adds to a sense of ‘Life Purpose’.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

The good news is each time you reincarnate into whatever ‘life’ is appropriate for your higher learning you bring Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels with you.

These Divine beings are there to assist, guide and protect you along this ‘commitment’ dedicated to your spiritual growth! They won’t or can’t do it for you, however they will hold a space filled with love, guidance, encouragement and support, so you can do it for yourself.

This is known as ‘choice or freewill’!….woohoo!         Im-a-free-spirit

How exciting is that!

If you are scratching your head at this stage and saying I am not sure? There are a couple of things to ponder!

The feeling of ‘just knowing’ when you ‘intuitively know’ you are meant to go somewhere, read something or do something!

A clairvoyant connection or insight to someone you just have met! This is your guides encouraging you to go somewhere, meet someone or do something that is supportive to your life’s journey.

Just to clarify the last comment, is that being enrolled in this ‘class of life’ you come with other souls who are also enrolled in the same class as you!

So your mother, may have been your brother in a previous incarnation for example! Your best friend, may have been your uncle in a earlier lifetime. I’m sure you get the picture! This is why some people seem to be so familiar to you; you just know them straight away at a soul level!

How does this information now sit with you?

Does it help to explain some of the mystery?

Did you also know that your Guides and Guardian Angels wish for further connection and communication with you?

Imaginary friends

Imaginary friends

Many of us as children had ‘imaginary friends’ as we were growing up.

Unfortunately most of us were reassured that these ‘friends’ were ‘figments of our imagination’ and didn’t exist. This is excellent time to perhaps re-evaluate and reflect on these experiences!

Simply put those imaginary friends were your guides!

And takes us to another level!

Most people have a ‘sense of purpose’ or a desire to do something meaningful at a Soul level! Something you truly ‘feel’ passionate or inspired about? That is what life is an opportunity to grow through your life purpose! Through your experiences, embracing change, challenges, opportunities, learning from others and your spiritual lessons. If you can relate to this information, knowledge, education and awareness however need to know more?

Please contact me now to make your appointment that will help to provide you with further clarity, wisdom, insights, guidance, healing and support.

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Di Goulding

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