Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Every now and then whether we choose to or whether we are encouraged too… or perhaps with a boot in the backside from the Universe, you will find yourself steppin2 Beautiful Doves taking flightg out or being pushed out, of familiar circumstances or circles.

It may be an invite somewhere to meet new friends, a new job, starting a new course, leaving home to live in a flat with  mates, a change of address or career (or both), or perhaps more serious circumstances, such as a diagnosis of a dis-ease state, an unexpected turn of events, an accident, a marriage breakdown, an unplanned pregnancy, the empty nest syndrome, perhaps being made redundant, even retirement can be challenging.

And then there’s the ultimate change, a death (either expected or unexpected). Death of a loved one, friend, co-worker, neighbour, even a pet can be devastating.

And if you are very fortunate perhaps a lottery win, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a loved one, or an engagement ring, marriage, a new baby, a new address, a fresh start, perhaps an opportunity for a career advancement – which may involve a change of address interstate?

Whatever presents itself will require you to possibly make a decision, perhaps several.

Even it doesn’t directly effect you, it may at that time start you re-evaluating what’s going on in your own life, from say a health point of view or looking at your goals, or perhaps your own personal values.

Maybe it will create a minor impact or change, or perhaps a full lifestyle change or evaluation of 360 degrees which could turn any-ones life upside down.

Usually this is when you would consider your options, weigh and measure whatever is happening, and realize these circumstances are going to create change, welcomed or un-welcomed.

Sometimes it’s you instigating the change through taking a chance, a risk, following a hunch, a gut feeling, consciously working on a goal towards making a dream come true!

We live in an ever-expanding Universe and therefore we are constantly being challenged, asked to grow with daily events and life’s experiences.

You may adapt very well or you may find it difficult and more challenging to move into the 21st Century with so much new technology such as computers, e-mails, faxes, mobile phones, digital cameras, even dvd players, it’s hard to keep up at times!

Your life may be turned inside out and perhaps upside down. And not necessarily in a negative way, sometimes very positive changes and opportunities come along that can rattle our cages too!

Whether it is a positive or negative situation the Universe never throws anything at you that you can’t handle! Although, at the time it may seem that way!

Somehow in both the best and worse of circumstances you survive.

I believe the Universe says here is another lesson, it doesn’t judge as to whether it is good or a bad lesson, it just says here is another opportunity to grow ‘spirituality’!

Sometimes you handle it well, sometimes not so well!

Spiritual growth, comes in all sorts of packages.

As much as we would like to believe we are in control, with a known outcome, that’s more an ego thing than reality – the Universe may and often does have other ideas or plans, causing you to ‘step out of your comfort zone’.

Again, I believe each one of us has a toolbox of spiritual gifts and wisdom to draw on when and if required for these relative times.

Depression and ill-health may come when you do not realize the bigger picture and the part you play. Depression is when our beliefs and faith are not solid, not in balance, your energy is low and you believe you have no choice, faith and/or trust which may have gone out the window!

However, these days a number of us are confused about what we believe?

What do you believe?

Change on one hand can bring a lot of fear, reservation, worry, anxiety and perhaps depression. On the other it can bring lots of happiness, joy, contentment, satisfaction, love, a dream or a goal to fruition.

Whatever is going on in your life, my message to you would be to ‘embrace’ the bigger picture from a spiritual point of view…

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Ultimately your decisions are your decisions, and your responsibility, however if you not consciously aware of a broader picture you may be limiting your choices and options. You will tend to make the same choices based on your history, your past. If your history, your past has been less than favourable, perhaps you require a wider knowledge base.

Half the things that people do not succeed in, are through fear of making the attempt!

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Remember when you take a step towards the Universe it takes 10 steps towards you.

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