The Gifts of Life

How truly blessed are you?

Life’s gifts come in all sorts of packages.

We usually unfortunately don’t always recognize our gifts that come in many forms including love, friendship, community, education, comfort and support.

Then there is our health, work providing purpose and abundance, housing providing safety, comfort and security, warm clothing, transport etc.

And of course there are our natural resources such as fresh air, good nutritious food supplies and clean drinking water for example.

There are our personal gifts, our creative talents – tapped and un-tapped.

What gifts lie dormant in you that require nurturing, recognizing, honouring and giving attention too and thanks for? What gifts go unrecognised and un-tapped as a result of the inner-critic, judgment, guilt, fear, pain emotionally and physically creating barriers to nurturing our talents.

I am a big one for giving thanks, or an ‘Attitude to Gratitude’ as I call it!

It may be a consult with myself which may encourage and hopefully inspire you to open up to greater possibilities, further love, healing, forgiveness, sharing and appreciation to life through acknowledging, re-evaluating what you have to share.

By firstly recognizing what lies dormant, that perhaps needs attention through healing. This in turn then you may decide to share with others. You can make a big difference in your world, in our world by sharing.

Through sharing my gifts of Clairvoyant Spiritual Healing and Mediumship with you my intent is to assist you with opening your gifts to greater possibilities, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, healing and life’s opportunities that the Universe has to offer you.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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Love and Light

Di Goulding

Clairvoyant     Energy Healer

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