The Healing Code

The Healing Code

Written by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson.

When Dr. Alex Loyd began a quest to find a solution to his wife’s depression I am sure he never anticipated the journey it would take him on.

In that quest for health and true healing he discovered a practical Energy Healing Code that anyone can subscribe too!

A simple 6-minute hand movement technique – which is the Healing Code itself, accompanied by what I have coined an Action Prayer or a Healing Intent, plus a very efficient rating system (using a scale of 0 – 10) by which you can engage and monitor your own progress. He also talks about a Memory Finder to help you identify the feelings associated with or behind what is or may be contributing to any health issue, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

I read this book in 3 and a half days, a record for me. I could not put it down.

The following is a nutshell version of my personal experiences and some selected recipient’s experiences of The Healing Codes.

The following information does contain real events, however for the reasons of privacy the names have been withheld.

Firstly I will start with my own experiences.

Wow right from the 1st movement of which there are 4, I was amazed and felt privileged all at the same time. My experience was one of a spiritual nature, where I was shown on an ethereal level hands upon hands.

OMG – Oh My God I thought I have tapped into something very very special here – and I truly believe God, the Universe, the Divine, Grace was getting my attention right from the start.

My 2nd experience was just as amazing and I was shown a past life in Egypt. Again the Universe had my attention, big time.

Dr. Loyd attributes all health and relationship issues to stress, wrong beliefs, destructive cellular memories which may be either conscious or un-conscious, which then can become toxic and can create depression, anxiety, health issues and disease states etc.

I knew from what I was being shown there was an opportunity not only for my issues to surface and be released and healed, but I needed to start to share this wonderful simple straight forward approach, this energetic tool with others who had a desire to heal and grow into their full potential and experience wellness.

A few other examples as promised:-

One client on the rating system of a 10 to 0  (10 being the worse it could be and 0 being non-existent) rated their physical pain closer to an 11.

After one session of treatment it dropped down to a 5 rating. Considering that person shuffled into my office and had an enormous amount of problems just to walk in and sit down that was a fantastic result. They got up gingerly and walked out much to my surprise and their delight.

Next morning after a fairly good night’s sleep and a second session the pain rating dropped to a 3. Last time I checked in with them it was down to a 1. Considering this problem had existed for a good 3 and a half years, and they were on the verge of having to start with some anti- inflammatory medication the result was miraculous.

A second example – a young person a few days out of surgery with a pain level of a 4, after a session of 6 minutes: their rating was down to a 1.

A senior citizen in their 80’s with cancer (and a lot of emotional challenges) stated after their 1st session all pain, discomfort physically and emotionally disappeared totally during their 6 minute session, in fact they actually felt years younger. After the session things returned straight back to their original state. They were amazed and mystified all at the same time asking why?

For me the answer was clear they had been given a choice! They chose to stay angry and upset at their present circumstances. And unfortunately in fact they shared they felt that God, the Universe, the Divine had been missing for some quite time in their life and their current predicament. A good example of stress and wrong beliefs could be reflected here.

The results I have shared have been very dramatic; others have been a lot gentler, people feeling lighter, more focused, calmer and clearer after a session.

Sometimes a healing of response or what is commonly referred to in natural therapy circles as a healing crisis of a physical nature has also arisen such as a loose bowel or nausea etc.

Whatever the response something has definitely been released in one form or another.

Everyone’s lives and circumstances are very different and people all react differently it doesn’t make it good or bad, it is just different and so are the countless possibilities through this gift – The Healing Code, an opportunity to activate your faith and embrace your life.

So if you are interested in taking healing to an all-new level. And you wish to literally take healing into your own hands, contact me now for a consultation or for a copy of the Healing Code book. For true value at $30.00 a copy, plus postage and handling.

A one on one intuitive healing session is a great investment which will assist you in the answers you seek for your own quest for true healing.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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