The Lady in Blue

The Blue Lady

Card No.: 25…..The Lady in Blue

A follow-up to my blog,  An Expression of Freedom through Illness.

The Lady in Blue or the Blue Lady represents many different scenarios to me.

  • A lady not wanting to see the world she has created at present that is why her eyes are shut.
  • A lady looking inward and crying for the realizations of knowing she is so blessed.
  • An opportunity to say thank you through tears of gratitude.
  • A soul releasing pain through inner reflection.
  • A reflection and an opportunity for relief and change through acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and support.
  • A woman with an opportunity to connect to her deepest feelings and fears.
  • A woman saying goodbye.
  • Tears of grief and compassion.
  • Or are they tears of joy or sadness?
  • A woman facing a cold and lonely world.
  • A woman who needs to let go of what is keeping her disconnected.
  • A woman who realises she needs to reconnect with her passion and her full identity.
  • A woman who needs to speak her truth.
  • A woman who needs a friend, a rock to share her heartfelt feelings with.
  • A woman who needs to a holiday, a break, and needs to connect with others.
  • A woman who is in pain.
  • A woman who needs to let go!
  • A woman who only hears or knows half the story!
  • A woman who needs to let go of old pain, patterns, beliefs and stories of not being good enough.
  • A woman who could be assisted through spiritual wisdom, guidance, inspiration and healing.

How does the Lady in Blue speak to you?

Love to hear your thoughts and feelings!

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Remember: Life is an opportunity for change, transformation and beauty to unfold if you give it the time and space to evolve.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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