The Monkey Nut Café – Psychic Night

Recently I spent an evening as a reader at The Monkey Nut Café in Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley.              Di at the Monkey Nut Cafe

Had an amazing 1st time there focusing on Mediumship.

Read for 6 lovely ladies who had booked in for the evening.

A night of great food, drinks and spirit based messages from the other side.

It never ceases to amaze me, of the clarity and sincerity of spirit.

Conveying heartfelt messages of love and validation.

There were messages containing both current events and past experiences of those who I read for.

Showing how even though these souls have moved on physically how they still show up in our daily lives to support us.

Spirit showed great determination in coming through that evening.

For some a year since their passing for others 30 years.

Some loved ones who had never come through before made their debut and their presence felt.

It was very exciting!

So if there are loved ones you wish to connect with contact me now. It is never too late!

‘A consultation gives spirit an opportunity and a voice’ to pass on their love, comfort and healing providing peace of mind to you or someone you know who is grieving.

It can make a world of difference!