The Queensland Floods What Can We Do?

American Indian looking to a brighter future2011 has not been a good start for many.

Perhaps this is a year whereby we can reflect on our inner most feelings and share our light, our thoughts, prayers, our assistance and finances in some way more than ever before.

From a spiritual point of view and understanding.

Throughout history we have always had Acts of God and man-made disasters to deal with!

You and I have witnessed the devastation and the aftermaths of tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, terrorists attacks, mine collapses, oil spills, wars, disease, financial collapses, internet viruses, pollution, volcanic eruptions, droughts, bushfires, electrical storms, mudslides, extreme weather conditions of  heat and cold worldwide.

We are now witnessing the results of excessive rainfall after many years of droughtin Queensland.

Deliberate acts of bushfires being lit by an arsonist in Western Australia.

The cost is high!

High in suffering to people, live-stock, wildlife, nature, food supplies – our environment, homes, places of work, school and community!

High in the cost of revenue, on a personal and a national level.

Higher in the cost of pain, hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally and  to our spiritual well-being!

Fortunately, we have the best resources ever in history at our disposal, to deal with these disasters.

Including dedicated professionals and volunteers, with the appropriate equipment and strategies for just such emergencies.

To these dedicated individuals I give personal gratitude and appreciation!

I hope you do too! Read blog on How being grateful can empower your life!

We fortunately also have each other to draw strength, comfort, compassion and support from!

From the beginning of time we have faced numerous challenges and disasters on mavny levels.

We don’t always have the understanding or the reason why these things happen. This can cause our faith to waver.

Hopefully the following information will assist you or someone close to you.

I was reading Gregg Braden’s book the Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer the other day.

From recorded research, two Universal Questions appeared –

‘What is happening to our World’


‘What can we do to make things better?’

In there was a segment about the Navajo Indians of the American Southwest 400 years ago.

They were tested by the earth, nature and surrounding invading tribes.

There were extremes of drought, intense heat and lack of food.

The Navajo understood, that they must harness the power of their inner pain to endure the harsh conditions of their outer world.

Through life’s tests they pushed themselves to the depths of their greatest suffering, to discover their greatest strengths.

Their very survival depended upon the wisdom of these lessons!

Today we may have other challenges that test our survival, families, community, emotions and our sanity.

However for me, the answers to life’s challenges are much the same as the Navajo Indians discovered.

The keys to survival were to immerse themselves into life’s challenges without becoming lost in the experience.

Not to give up or become depressed or angry, not to blame others or God, the Universe.

They had to find an ‘anchor’, a belief within themselves.

A belief, an inner strength, beauty, faith and patience to endure the tests the world handed them.

A belief that a better future awaited and awaits us all!

The book speaks of hidden ancient writings of the Gnostics, Essenes and the native traditions throughout Americas, were prayers of wisdom were used to empower us.

Keys to surviving our greatest tests of hurt, were and still are blessings and prayer.

‘Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things.’

Quoted by 20th century Christian visionary Rev. Samuel Shoemaker who described the power of prayer to create change.

This is a very in depth subject, however if nothing else in times of need let us take time to say a little prayer of –

Light, Love and Blessings to all the people of Queensland

Is a great start for those souls less fortunate than ourselves and in need of comfort.

If you require greater understanding and skills to empower your life contact me now!

Remember: The old adage of ‘what does not kill us, makes us stronger’ stands the test of time.

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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