Transformation thru Infinity

‘Card 32’ ..Inspired by Spirit, channelled thru Di……

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Spirit Inspired this piece of tribal looking art just prior to a Journal workshop I attended recently in July.

I had an overwhelming sense of urgency to create this infinity sign over and over again.

Time was short on that particular morning however ‘Spirit’ was strong, reassuring and insistent.

The beautiful correlation and connection here was the workshop presenter spoke consistently throughout the afternoon how we are all connected and how we are all ‘One’.

How our energy is infinite. And how we continue to live lifetime after lifetime, expanding, developing and evolving our souls growth through countless human earthly journeys and experiences.

At the workshop I found myself just continually smiling throughout, of the reinforced inspired messages from my very playful, artistic, informative, educational and insistent spirit guides.

So I listened, took action, on my creative psychic imagination with a intuitive response.

Do you listen? Do you take action?

If you have been drawn to this blog and the message in front of you ask yourself, your guides what do I need to see, feel, hear, remember, understand, re-evaluate, act on, address, release or change?

One way to approach these questions is to record your feelings, emotions, opinions, and interpretations in a journal.  Draw it out, be shaw to use colour! Or maybe you may wish to focus through meditation, sleep or daydreaming!

Make it fun, and explore your inner spiritual landscape and guidance.

Just trust and give yourself an opportunity, coupled with permission to have fun and laughter through nurturing your inner child.

You may be very surprised at what guidance or direction you receive! Forget for a moment my description and allow your soul to speak to you!

Give it a go; it will help you to foster and open up to your imagination and guidance.

Or contact me now for a consultation to gain further clarity and assistance in opening up to your intuition, spiritual guides and guardian angels.

Embrace the process, enjoy and reflect on your own personal insights and truth. Have fun!

Remember ‘half the things that people do not succeed in, are thru fear of making the attempt’!

I continually say to my clients if you take one step towards the Universe it will take 10 steps towards you.

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Love and Light

Di Goulding

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