Your True Radiance is always Shining

Your true radiance is always is only you that stands in the way!

Learning to Love Ourselves is the Greatest Love of All –  sung by Whitney Houston. When was the last time you truly listened to these words and took them on board for yourself?

As much as we try we cannot separate our physical health from our emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

All levels are interconnected.

A disease or a lack of health is a reflection of conflict, anxiety, tension or disharmony within us!

If you have a health issue, it is inevitably a message for you to look deeper.

Look deeper into your feelings, emotions, beliefs and attitudes.

It is an opportunity for you to re-evaluate, restore, re-create harmony and balance within your life.

Ask yourself?

Am I willing to recognise and change my innermost belief systems?

You then give yourself the chance to find positive, more constructive solutions to your problems and challenges.

You will find the only limitations you have are from your own self-created blocks, emotions and fears. Your own illusions!

This is your opportunity!

Yes your opportunity to use your intuition. To trust and work with your inner voice!

There are many methods by which you can allow your inner voice to surface.

–       Go for a walk

–       Spend some quiet time with yourself

–       Do nothing at all

–       Read a book or a magazine

–       Work in the garden

–       Sleep on it

–       Meditate

–       Have a massage

–       Have a soak in the bath

–       Do whatever works best for you!

Stop talking to yourself and start to ‘listen’.

Yes ‘Listen’.

Listen to your feelings, listen to your intuition, your inner guidance, your divine guidance system.

Let go of your expectations of what you think your intuition is. Divine Guidance comes in the simplest forms

–       a thought

–       a feeling

–       an inner prompting to do something

–       start a journal

–       ring someone

–       join a class

–       go for a walk

–       to organize or create something

–       to read a book, magazine or a particular website

–       just ‘to be’

–       just relax

–       to ‘let go’

Give yourself space to allow the answers to present themselves!

Remember you need to be patient, have faith and trust here.

By you acknowledging there is a greater force outside of yourself at work here and that the answers will come in the Universes time, not yours! And perhaps through a different door than you expected!

The Universe is constantly presenting you with lessons

–       lessons of patience

–       lessons of trust

–       lessons of faith

–       lessons of love

–       lessons of forgiveness

just to name a few!

For further steps and enlightenment please refer to my blog on the 7 Steps to Spiritual Healing.

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Di Goulding

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