Trusting your Intuition – Learning to Listen to Your Inner Voice

An angel listening to your heartYour Intuition is a very powerful tool and guidance system assisting you in living a happy fulfilled life through effective decision-making and choices.

Intuition is commonly known as the 6th sense, which we all possess, however we do not always listen to or trust and act on.

It is a deep-rooted ‘gut feeling’ that surfaces everyday and is invaluable in making decisions, both big and small.

Albert Einstein, in a 1918 speech explained

‘The supreme task of the physicist is to arrive at universal elementary laws. There is no logical path to these laws: only intuition’.

The following guidelines hopefully will assist you to further successfully identify and work with your intuition on a daily basis in your decision-making.

Step One:

Go right to the heart of any problem, challenge or decision needing direction.

Stop procrastinating, panicking, worrying, over-analyzing, start to relax, unwind and listen!

Take action by taking some time out, some quiet time with yourself by turning off the tv, computer, radio, mobile etc, do some meditation, go for a walk, do some painting, read a book, have a soak in the bath, do some gardening, go and have a lay down, have a cuppa and sit on the front verandah, do nothing at alldo whatever works best for you.

Step Two:

Break down the situation to its core and ask: What do I really believe is the right direction? Or: What feels like the best answer? Or: What is the truth of this situation? Or: What is the essence of this? Let go of the details and focus on what is the important thing here?

Quite often this is where we get caught up in the rational analysis, deductive reasoning, logic and/or ego. Some of these avenues can be very practical and can seem very safe but can also quite often bog us down. As we quite often already know the answer independent of the facts if we just give it a chance to surface and ‘listen’.

Step Three:

Ask for help! Ask your guides, your guardian angels for assistance!

Trust that the Universe will provide you with an answer.

Have a little patience, trust and faith. Let go of the outcome. By letting go, you allow the opportunity for infinite possibilities to emerge.

Step Four:

Like any finely developed skill this ‘sense’ your ‘sixth sense’ has a special quality to it – you just know when something is right you can feel it.

If you are still not sure, choose a direction or a decision randomly that provides you with relief. Live with it for 24 hours. Don’t discuss it with anyone. Then in 24 hours see if it is still feels right?

If it does, great, if on the other hand, you feel uneasy, tense with perhaps a ‘gnawing’ in your stomach for example – then you may have made an incorrect choice. If you make a decision and it doesn’t feel right, change it, it won’t be the end of the world!

Step Five:

Do not let the judgments of others or your own fears cover up or influence your intuition. Trust yourself!


Even more destructive to intuition than the judgments of others however, is fear and doubt.


Fear creates deception. A fear-driven decision is one where, due to the risks involved, you are afraid to do what you know, deep down is right.

Fear can easily get confused with intuitive decisions because there is a false sense of relief that comes from playing it safe. (This false sense of relief doesn’t last, however and the ‘gnawing’ of intuition will eventually return.)

To effectively use your intuition, you must have the courage to do what you know in your gut is right regardless of the risk, judgment of others and change involved.

In Summary:

You must have unwavering faith in your intuition; otherwise it will not serve you.

To acquire this level of trust you must practice, practice and further practice on a daily basis. This will fine tune your confidence and polish this wonderful tool and skill.

Start today. Right now. Don’t let fear and doubt cloud your judgment, enjoy the process, have fun with it!

Once heard, intuition is a very powerful tool!

However, it can also be, soul destroying to ignore it! Or to not follow through and take action when required! So honour your intuition and work in harmony with it and you will have an amazing journey.

Remember: When you take a step towards the Universe, it takes 10 steps towards you!

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