What Would Love do Now?

Di's Art - The Angel of Love

Just recently I had an experience where I felt out of  my comfort zone

I was suffering with

– dis-comfort

– dis-cord

I definitely was not in harmony

– dis -harmony was what I was feeling and experiencing, where I usually like control and  order

– dis-order and chaos was reigning

– dis-array to my normally fairly organized world, was creating me to experience un-happiness, un-easiness, emotions  associated  with being irritated, frustrated and uptight!

And guess what?

I didn’t like myself very much because it’s not who I am or what I am about!

I was more upset at this than anything else, my halo had slipped.

However once the negative rot (the guilt, fear, anxiety, worry, critical, judgemental and negative thoughts)  settled –  I finally asked God, the Divine, Higher Wisdom, the Universe to give me a different perspective on this situation .

You know what I got back on a intuitive level, through guidance – yes you guessed it!

– what would ‘love’ do now?

Suddenly the situation I couldn’t control and certainly couldn’t manipulate (which is not what I wanted to do) I saw through fresh eyes!

Firstly, I forgave myself for re-acting and investing into misspent energy on an emotional level the way I did.

Secondly, I recognized God gave me a lesson, a challenge to see how far along the track I was in my spiritual development.

Thirdly, I started to ask ‘what can I do to help in this situation’ rather than what’s in it for me (besides frustration, guilt, worry etc).

Finally, I thanked the others for their involvement (rather than be upset with them),  as they were actually assisting me to grow and expand in my level of consciousness.

It was an opportunity in dis-guise assisting me to re-evaluate my values, my direction, my self-esteem,  self-respect,  spiritual awareness and my capacity to ‘love’, forgive and release and let go.

I am not sure how this situation is going to pan out, however now  I’m not focused on the outcome. Instead I am now

focused  on…

– what would ‘love’ do now? and

– ‘what can I do to help’?

I knew a solution will be forth coming through

–  letting go

– trusting and having faith the outcome will be what it is meant to be (not what I think it should be)!                    Which opens up a million and one possibilities and opportunities!

All I have to do is  remember to ‘listen’ to a higher wisdom for inspiration and guidance. And encircle the situation and people concerned with ‘love’.

I hope this little story offers some inspirational thought and instruction to your life, to your experiences and challenges!

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delivered with

Love and Light

Di Goulding